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Mini Golf
September Hours:

Monday: 2 - 7pm

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 2 - 7pm

Thursday: 2 - 7pm

Friday: 12 - 8pm

Saturday: 12 - 8pm

Sunday: 12 - 8pm

Self-Serve Honor System available when NO STAFF IS PRESENT
$5.00 Per Person Exact Change ONLY

*Please note: Mon., Weds.-Sunday will be full-service, $5 rate only applies for honor system*

Adults - $8.00
Children (16 &
Under) - $7.00
Ages 5 & Under - Free!

Honor System $5 Per Person Outside of Business Hours (Dawn - Open)

Last tee time 30 minutes before close, times subject to change


Designed by leading and innovative Miniature Golf Construction Company, Harris Golf, this mini tract features rolling, banking and challenging holes that will appeal to kids, teens and adults. Notice that each golf hole is very long, not just short, boring or simple!

River bed stones, granite boulders, meandering streams and multi-level waterfalls excite all your senses, but don't get distracted! The tough golf hole-placement will challenge even the best of mini-golfers! You'll have to bring your best game!

Miniature Golf Balls

Make up your own silly rules of mini-golf, invent your own family tournament, come up with a wacky scoring system, or just stick to the "Official Rules of Miniature Golf".  Whatever you do, just come out and enjoy the fresh air and good, old-fashioned fun.

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