Driving Range


Thoughtfully designed by golfers

for golfers, the range is situated so that the sun won't blind you and the wind won't fight you (unless of course a nor'easter pops up)!

Whether a beginner or a seasoned golfer, brand new, premium-quality, range mats  enhance your hitting experience with comfort and shock absorption. 


Aim for our new, double row of targets or GO BIG and aim at the row of tall hollies in front of the Kellogg's Building behind the range. If you're lucky you'll get a whiff of the delicious fruity cereals and blueberry waffles being made!


Mon - Sun dawn until approximately 10pm when lights go off automatically


Self-Serve Golf Ball Dispensing Machine accepts cash and credit card.


Large Bucket (102 Balls): $13.00

Medium Bucket (68 Balls): $10.00

Small Bucket (34 Balls): $7.00


Jersey Devil Golf and Fun Center offers Winslow Township Employees and USA Veterans with I.D.’s, discounted pricing on individual Large Buckets of Balls for $11.00.  Please come into the pro shop to purchase and receive your token for the dispensing machine.